David Ultimate Love Biography & Profile | Age, Occupation and Pictures

David Wilson Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Pictures, and Occupation.

David Ultimate Love Biography & Profile | Age, Occupation and Pictures.

David is one of the Ultimate Love Guest/Housemates who put in for the first season of the Ultimate love reality show.

The 33-year-old from Bayelsa State isn’t fussy at all when it comes to relationships. All he requires is some quality time and a personal touch.

Though he won’t say he believes in love at first sight, David Wilson is all about being open minded and recognising that the world is changing. With this knowledge, he allows himself get guidance from the universe.

About David Ultimate Love Guest 2020

Below this bio-data of David Ultimate Love Housemate 2020.

David’s Age

David is 33 years old

David’s Gender


State of Origin

Bayelsa State, Nigeria

David’s Occupation



Movies and Comedy

Marital Status


We shall provide you with further information about David Ultimate Love Guest apart from his biography as well as David’s Educational Background, and David’s official social media (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) handles.

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