About Jelo Ultimate Love Couple 2020 (Louis and Jenny), Pictures & Bio

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About Jelo Ultimate Love Couple 2020 (Louis and Jenny), Pictures & Bio.

Jelo, which is made of Louis and Jenny being a love couple in the 2020 (season 1) Ultimate Love reality TV show.

About Louis and Jenny (Jelo)

This Love Couple believes in Love at first sight. Could it be cupid that brought them together? Either way, Jelo is living in the moment, and the fact that sound lovely, singing gospel along (which they often do) makes their relationship even more beautiful to witness.

Picture of Jelo Ultimate Love Couple

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Louis Brief Intro before the Show

Louis is a modern-day man who believes roles should be equally shared in a relationship. Having a connection is very important to him; a relationship can be judged in the beginning, whether it’s for keeps or not.

An element of surprise is what Louis believes in when thinking about a marriage proposal; he’s playing his card close to his chest.

When Louis’ longest relationship of three years ended, he had no regrets, nor did he harbour any feelings of resentment, because he thoroughly enjoyed his time in the relationship. Going forward, Louis hopes to find someone who is caring and will give-of themselves as much he does.

Picture of Louis Ultimate Love

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Jenny Brief Intro before the Show

Young at heart and full of joy, 26-year-old Jenny Koko is not short on Love for herself and is particularly in Love with her height as well as her penchant for kindness.

The fabric trader from Rivers State considers you respect the most important aspect of a relationship and believes in Love at first sight. Culture ranks high on her priority list, so that’s the one thing you’re sure she won’t waiver on.

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Jenny Koko also carries an exciting secret as she previously received a proposal from a suitor. Still, her father declined after realising her beau was way too old for her, in his opinion. Now Jenny Koko is out to give Love another try on Ultimate Love and would adore a beautiful, intimate proposal to capture her heart

Photo of Jenny Ultimate Love

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