December 7, 2021

Gulder Ultimate Search 2021

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Arnold Ultimate Love Biography & Profile | Age, Occupation and Pictures

Arnold Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Pictures, and Occupation.

Arnold Ultimate Love Biography & Profile | Age, Occupation and Pictures.

Arnold is one of the Ultimate Love Guest/Housemates who put in for the first season of the Ultimate love reality show.

‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ – this seems to be the case with Arnold as he loves his food, especially egusi.

Arnold’s longest relationship was with his high school sweetheart, which lasted four years. Although he hasn’t had much luck in recent years, Arnold still believes in love and spontaneity in a relationship.

Violence is a huge turn off for him, he prefers someone who is a giver. Arnold’s ability to write and sing will hopefully enable him to express himself and hopefully his love language too.

About Anold Ultimate Love Guest 2020

Below this bio-data of Anold Ultimate Love Housemate 2020.

Anold’s Age

Arnold is 32 years old

Anold’s Gender


State of Origin

Ogun State, Nigeria

Anold’s Occupation

Writer, Singer, and Producer


Music and Writing

Marital Status


We shall provide you with further information about Anold Ultimate Love Guest apart from his biography as well as Anold’s Educational Background and Anold’s official social media (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) handles.

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