About Obiebi Ultimate Love Couple 2020 (Obichukwu and Ebiteinye), Pictures & Bio

About Obiebi Ultimate Love Couple 2020 (Obichukwu and Ebiteinye), Pictures & Bio.

About Obiebi Ultimate Love Couple 2020 (Obichukwu and Ebiteinye), Pictures & Bio.

Obiebi, which is made of Obichukwu and Ebiteinye being a love couple in the 2020 (season 1) Ultimate Love reality TV show.

About Obichukwu and Ebiteinye (Obiebi)

When you talk about a match made in heaven, Obiebi comes to mind. This Love Couple complements one another in more ways than one and what stands out is the smiles they bring to each other’s faces.

Picture of Obiebi Ultimate Love Couple

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Obichukwu’s Brief Intro before the Show

32-year-old Obichukwu from Imo State is more than just dashingly handsome and suave. He cares for the greater good too, as is evidenced not only by his passion for social work, but also the fact he explicitly mentions what a huge heart he has. When quizzed about what he longs for in a lover, he sums it up poignantly:

“A woman who gives me peace.” He reiterates how superficial beauty means nothing if someone isn’t caring and compassionate.

He’s quite conservative and traditional too; preferring to be a provider for his family in addition to being strict and uncompromising about any sexual encounters in the Love Pad.

Picture of Obichukwu Ultimate Love

Obichukwu Ultimate Love Biography & Profile | Age, Occupation and Pictures

Ebiteinye’s Brief Intro before the Show

Ebiteinye is a 26-year-old accountant from who believes that love can be found anywhere in an instant. In her quest to find love, her beliefs aren’t clouded and she is ready to take the role of being a supportive partner.

Ebiteinye is one of the Ultimate Love Guest/Housemates who put in for the first season of the Ultimate love reality show.

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Even though money makes the world go around for others, Ebiteinye is looking for more than that. She’s looking for attention and care.

Photo of Ebiteinye Ultimate Love

Ebiteinye Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Pictures, and Occupation.

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