About PreshDavid Ultimate Love Couple 2020 (David and Presh Talker), Pictures & Bio

About PreshDavid Ultimate Love Couple 2020 (David and Presh Talker), Pictures & Bio.

About PreshDavid Ultimate Love Couple 2020 (David and Presh Talker), Pictures & Bio.

PreshDavid, which is made of David and Presh Talker being a love couple in the 2020 (season 1) Ultimate Love reality TV show.

About David and Presh Talker (PreshDavid)

This extroverted Couple isn’t shy to voice out their feelings which makes them the perfect choice for each other.  The chemistry between them was instant and the background they both have in entertainment as MCs leaves us thrilled to see how they’ll bond over the weeks and bring their worlds together.

Picture of PreshDavid Ultimate Love Couple

How to Vote David and Presh Talker (PRESHDAVID) in Ultimate Love Show 2020 | SMS Code and Online

David’s Brief Intro before the Show

The 33-year-old from Bayelsa State isn’t fussy at all when it comes to relationships. All he requires is some quality time and a personal touch.

Though he won’t say he believes in love at first sight, David Wilson is all about being open-minded and recognising that the world is changing. With this knowledge, he allows himself to get guidance from the universe.

Picture of David Ultimate Love

David Wilson Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Pictures, and Occupation.

Presh Talker’s Brief Intro before the Show

Many people have suggested that Precious’ beautiful eyes could be a window to people’s soul, and it seems she agrees, her eyes are her favourite physical feature. Precious fondly known as ‘Presh Talker’ is an MC, TV host and content creator.

When choosing a suitable partner, Precious takes into consideration the advice her parents have given her, according to her folks; a man needs to be the full package. It’s important that a man is not the same age as a woman or younger, he should work and come from a good place.

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For now, Precious is keeping an open mind as she enters the love pad and will hopefully find her Prince Charming who will not only sweep her off her feet but will score high points with her folks.

Photo of Presh Talker Ultimate Love

Picture of Presh Talker Ultimate Love Season 1 Guest/Housemate (Photos).

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