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About JayKech Ultimate Love Couple 2020 (Jay and Nkechi), Pictures & Bio

How to Vote Jaykech (Jay and Nkechi) Ultimate Love in Week 5 Online, SMS, & Poll

About JayKech Ultimate Love Couple 2020 (Jay and Nkechi), Pictures & Bio.

JayKech, which is made of Jay and Nkechi being a love couple in the 2020 (season 1) Ultimate Love reality TV show.

About Jay and Nkechi (JayKech)

JayKech could’ve easily paired themselves up the very first day they met. For Nkechi, good looks is what attracts her to someone, and Jay effortlessly fits the profile. Apart from anything else, this Love Couple is calm and for both of them, Love is all about respect.

Picture of JayKech Ultimate Love Couple

How to Vote Jay and Nkechi (JAYKECH) in Ultimate Love Show 2020 | SMS Code and Online

Jay’s Brief Intro before the Show

He’s comfortable in his skin but also a compassionate guy. For Jay, love is all about attraction, and he believes it’s the basis for anything else that follows.

This 35-year-old engineer from Ebonyi State is grounded on who he is and would never trade anything about him for anything else.

Interestingly, he says he always fantasised about proposing in France, near the Eiffel Tower.

Picture of Jay Ultimate Love

Jay Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Pictures, and Occupation.

Nkechi’s Brief Intro before the Show

She views herself as a strong-willed woman who recently left a relationship that spanned a decade. She wants people to state their intentions and make them crystal clear as mixed signals won’t fly here.

Want to win over Nkechi? The formula is simple: surprise her! The 29-year-old marketing executive hails from Anambra State and adores receiving gifts of all kinds including flowers, accessories and more.

Now with her heart ready to write a new love story, Nkechi is searching for a lifelong partner to give her all.

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Photo of Nkechi Ultimate Love

Nkechi Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Pictures, and Occupation.

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