Winners of Abeg Task this week in BBNaija 2021

Winners of Abeg Task this week in BBNaija 2021

Winners of Abeg Task this week in BBNaija 2021.

Big Brother Naija Housemates are faced with another task, yet exciting and this time around, it is proudly sponsored by Abeg the official sponsor of the show.

Today’s Task required the housemates to be divided into four teams. A box containing the team T-Shirt was provided. As usual, each of the Housemates is to take turns in picking one T-Shirt from the box. Housemates who picked the same colours were to be in the same group for the task

Teams for the Abeg Task in Week 4

  1. Team Send Money
  2. Team Giveaways
  3. Team Smile
  4. Team Badges

The Abeg task was in two parts;

  • Mental Health Advocacy Talks
  • Abeg commercial dance by housemates

During the preparation for the task, Abeg Brand Information Materials were provided for each Housemate. As a team, housemates were asked to study the contents carefully before they proceed to the Arena for the Abeg task.

Who won Abeg Task in Week 4 in Big Brother Naija?

All the housemates won the Abeg Task, as announced by Biggie, each member of the Teams are getting prize reward of N500,000 (five hundred thousand naira).

Housemates were given time to prepare for the task before moving to the Arena for the presentation.

Like before, every member of each team was expected to be actively involved in this activity, as it determines the outcome of the overall task and for result collation.

Stay connected for details about the Abeg task winners if there are other addons to the cash prize.

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