September 22, 2021

BBNaija Voting Poll

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Winner of Patricia Task this week in BBNaija 2021

Winner of Patricia Task this week in BBNaija 2021

Winner of Patricia Task this week in BBNaija 2021.

The Housemates were confronted with the Patricia task. The task was proudly sponsored by Patricia the associate sponsor of the season 6 “Shine Ya Eye” show.

For their first Task, the Housemates were asked to divide themselves into teams through a lucky dip. Each team had to compose a thematic jingle for Patricia. The title of the jingle should be “My P is for Patricia” and it had to be three minutes long and not exceed five minutes.

After splitting up into teams, they went their separate ways to get started since they only had 60 minutes to create the jingle. It wasn’t easy at first, but it didn’t take them long to find a rhythm to match with catchy lyrics.

Teams for the Patricia Task in Week 4 of BBNaija

  1. Team Grey: Saga, JMK, Sammie, Emmanuel, Liquorose
  2. Team White: Yousef, Maria, Whitemoney, Nini, Maria, Peace
  3. Team Green: Michael, Boma, Tega, Jackie B, Queen
  4. Team Black: Jaypaul, Saskay, Angel, Cross, Pere

Right before their jingle presentation, the geng were quizzed on their knowledge of the brand and Bitcoin. The quiz session was divided into two rounds, and in each round, each team was required to answer one question. One representative was nominated from each team to read the questions to their team, and they only had 15 seconds to answer each question.

Team White answered their two questions correctly and won the round with a total of 20 points, while the other teams ended with 10 points apiece.

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The Winners for the Patricia Task this Week

The total points for each team are as stated below:

  • Team Black: 20 points
  • Team Green: 20 points
  • Team White: 40 points
  • Team Grey: 45 points

This meant Team Grey was the overall winner. They will be rewarded with five thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin. Team Grey consisting of Saga, Liquorose, JMK, Emmanuel and Sammie have won the Patricia Task. The team smile to the bank with $5,000 worth of Bitcoin. It was an interesting series of Tasks that had the Housemates showing their creative and cognitive skills. Here’s how it all went down.