Week 7 Poll in Ultimate Love | Ultimate Love Poll for Week 7

Week 7 Poll in Ultimate Love | Ultimate Love Poll for Week 7

Week 7 Poll in Ultimate Love | Ultimate Love Poll for Week 7.

Welcome to the Ultimate Love week six poll for the love couples up for possible check out from the reality TV show.

Ultimate Love Nigeria is a TV love reality show started with singles, but some couples have emerged from the reality show. The show commenced on February 9th, 2020. We are here to give you the latest news about the couple nomination in the Ultimate Love TV show.


Make sure to share after participating in the online poll and you can always refresh the page to vote more.

How the Nominations went in week 6/7

Result for week 6 Nominations of Ultimate Love 2020 is here as the 20 housemates were paired to play as couples in the love show.

The Nominations result in Week 5 will at least one of the nominated couples (housemates) will be evicted come Sunday during the live eviction/eliminated show.

How the Nomination Went During the Live Show

  1. Arnold and Bolanle (BOLAR) – Nominated – PRESHDAVID & DOUBLECHRIS
  2. Iyke and Theresa (IYKERESA) – Nominated – DOUBLECHRIS & ROKSIE
  3. David Wilson and Presh Talker (PRESHDAVID) – Nominated – ROKSIE & OBIEBI
  4. Obichukwu and Ebiteinye (OBIEBI) – Nominated – IYKERESA & DOUBLECHRIS
  5. Kachi and Rosie (ROKSIE) – Nominated – PRESHDAVID & IYKERESA
  6. Chris Ville and Chris (DOUBLECHRIS) – Nominated – OBIEBI & CHIVIA
  7. Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia (CHIVIA) – Nominated – BOLAR & DOUBLECHRIS.

Highest Number of Nominations

  2. IYKERESA – 2
  3. OBIEBI – 2
  4. ROKSIE – 2
  6. CHIVIA – 1
  7. BOLAR – 1
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Housemates (Couples) Up for Eviction in Ultimate Love

Now there are your awaited nominees of the week! Who are you voting for? Drop your comment.

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  1. hello Roksie team, pls vote our girl we will get there.

    1. Etuwe love

      I’m so happy ooo…. thank God roses is save for another week.

  2. Team #Bolar please please please please campaign and vote

  3. Taiwo

    Hi Bolar, see the way they all feel threatened by your presence like kilode, I’m here for you guys mafo, nothing can shake you guys love you plenty.#kisses#

  4. Temitopw

    Bolar!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be strong none of them is stronger than you are. Your presence in the house is a threat to them Keep getting stronger.

  5. Uc

    Team Roksie please remember to vote thankyou all they will continue to envy Rosie and we will continue to vote

  6. Osuntade modupe

    Hi Bolar, be strong! They all are not better off you. They only feel threatened with Bolar and Roksie present.

  7. Etuwe love

    Wow, this is getting harder

  8. Double Chris i like your style keep on improving it will be for real

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