Picture of Boma BBN Housemate Season 6

Picture of Boma BBN Housemate Season 6

Picture of Boma BBN Housemate Season 6.

Full Name: Boma Akpore

Raised by his single mother and grandmother, 34-year-old Boma grew up on the streets of Yaba in Lagos. He describes his childhood as “extremely tough”, having had to pay his way through school. One of the hardest decisions he had to make was to drop out in his final year, as he couldn’t make ends meet, but his life’s high point came when he saved enough money to pay for film school, an achievement that was subsequently eclipsed by his graduation.

Boma describes himself as “sexy, intelligent, adventurous, strong and fit”, and considers himself “extraordinary”.  While hustling on his acting career, he makes ends meet by working as a bartender by night, and a masseuse by day.

Pictures of Boma BBN

Picture of Boma BBN Housemate Season 6
Picture of Boma BBN Housemate Season 6

Here are pictures of Boma Big Brother Naija participants as lots of fans are curious to view the housemate’s photos.

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