About David and Presh Talker Ultimate Love Couple | Pictures | Video

How to Vote David and Presh Talker (PRESHDAVID) in Ultimate Love Show 2020 | SMS Code and Online

About David and Presh Talker Ultimate Love Couple |Pictures | Video.

Presh Talker came to the show late but got spotted by David Wilson. David Wilson and Presh Talker matchup by Aunty on Sunday brought Rosie so much pain and tears as she got heartbroken by David pair with Presh Talker after David promised her with a big Kiss.

Presh Talker wasn’t pleased with David Wilson at first for promising Rosie and coming back to her, but David explained that he has natural feelings for her and not Rosie and he can’t compromise his future for anything. The duo seems to have started creating feelings for each other after the talk.

Presh Talker is already sailing smoothly with David Wilson in the Ultimate Love pad.

The Couple chose to be called PRESHDAVID after the matchup on Sunday by Aunty in the love pad during the live show.

Picture of David and Presh Talker (PRESHDAVID)

About David and Presh Talker Ultimate Love Couple | Pictures | Video
Picture of David Wilson and Presh Talker

More about David and Presh Talker.

This extroverted Couple isn’t shy to voice out their feelings which makes them the perfect choice for each other. 

The chemistry between them was instant and the background they both have in entertainment as MCs leaves us thrilled to see how they’ll bond over the weeks and bring their worlds together.

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