Micherry gets Checked Out with 350k from Aunty – (Michael and Cherry)

Micherry gets Checked Out with 350k from Aunty – (Michael and Cherry)

Micherry gets Checked Out with 350k from Aunty– (Michael and Cherry)

The Hosts, Dakore Akande and Oluwaseun Olaniyan appeared on the stage radiantly dressed by Iconic Vanity and Vanskere respectively. Of course, their beautiful looks were complimented on social media streets.

We stan a fashionable Host and nothing is better than having two grace our screens every Live Show. Speaking of beauty, did you see the change in the Live Stage setting tonight, with the couch adorning the centre of the stage? 😍

Let’s get down to business

Without wasting a second on the Live Show, Oluwaseun P went straight to the business of the evening. As the Nominated Love Guests were asked to get on their feet, ObiEbi got the first save for tonight – which made them out of the possible Check Out list.

MiCherry Check Out of the Love Pad

Tonight, Michael and Cherry became the Ultimate Love Couple to leave Aunty’s Love Pad on this show. They came for the same goal and we couldn’t be more proud of their journey towards finding Ultimate Love. They may not have emerged as the winning Couple of the Season but their love is definitely one for the books.

With Cherry launching the Live Show microphone, the pair expressed their joy and gratitude for the opportunity to find each other in the Ultimate Love game. When asked about their thoughts in the Love Pad, Michael said everything that happened to him during his stay was so real for him, especially finding true love in Cherry.

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Micherry Check out

Michael revealed that he had an initial connection with Bolanle; however, due to tribe and age differences, their ship did not sail.

We’re going to miss their contagious happiness and affection. Check out their Ultimate Love journey here

After deliberating, the pair ended up going with their original portmanteaus which revealed a cash prize of three hundred and fifty thousand Naira (350K). This gift aims to serve as a supporting glove for the lovely years ahead for the Couple. We’ll miss MiCherry but we can’t wait to see their love soar even outside the walls of Aunty’s Love Pad.

Micherry gets Checked Out with 350k from Aunty – (Michael and Cherry)

We love you MiCherry and we wish you the very best as you continue on your love ride even outside Aunty’s Love Pad.

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