Nomination Result for Week 2 in BBMzansi 2024

Nomination Result for Week 2 in BBMzansi 2024

Nomination Result for Week 2 in BBMzansi 2024 | Week 2 Nomination in BBMzansi season 4.

Results for Nominations of week 2 in the Big Brother Mzansi 2024 are here as the Housemates finish their normal regular live nominations of the season.

Only the head of house (HOH) and immunity winner were saved from possible eviction in week 2 as the winners of the challenge after the HOH game.

Nomination Result for Week 2 in BBMzansi 2024

Below is how the housemates nominated themselves during tonight’s Live Nomination Show in Big Brother Mzansi 2024 season 4.

1Young PappiMC Junior & Sinaye
2LiemaMpumi & Fahima*
3WillyMC Junior & Pale
4ElsPapa Ghost & Mpumi
5Papa GhostYolanda & Sammy M
6MichLerato Modise & Fahima*
7Lerato ModiseMpumi & Jareed
8Mc JuniorWilly & Papa Ghost
9Sammy_MWilly & Fahima*
10JareedMakhekhe & MC Junior
11YolandaLerato Modise & MC Junior
12MakhekheMC Junior & Sammy M
13ZeePapa Ghost & Yolanda
14ChuenzaaaSammy M & Meelay
15SinayeMC Junior & Makhekhe
16PalePapa Ghost & Lerato Modise
17MeelayTaki* & MC Junior
18MpumiLiema & Papa Ghost
19Neo*Papa Ghost & Liema
20Fahima*Liema & Sammy M
21Taki*Yolanda & Papa Ghost
1Lerato Modise3
3ZeeReplaced for MC junior
3Papa Ghost4
3Sammy M3

Housemate up for Eviction in Week two

The list of housemates below on the table above are up for possible eviction this week, only your vote can keep them safe from eviction in week two.

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Now there are your awaited nominees of the week! Who are voting for? Drop your comment.

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