List of Big Brother 22 Cast | BB 22 Houseguests Picture & Biography

List of Big Brother 22 Cast | BB 22 Houseguests Picture & Biography.

List of Big Brother 22 Cast | BB 22 Houseguests Picture & Biography.

It’s a new season of Big Brother 22 which has been much anticipated by viewers and fans of the reality TV show of the 2020 season.

Here they are, your Big Brother 22 cast of All-Stars for CBS’s 2020 season, overcoming the challenges of a COVID-19 world to deliver another round of fun and we’re ready to get it all started! We’ve got all the cast info here plus links to their biography and any old interviews we have with them before the BB 22 show.

These familiar faces are your returning Houseguests making up the All-Stars 2 season cast and if you don’t know some of them yet then catch up on older Big Brother episodes on All Access to see why they’re back for BB22.

The new season is here on CBS and streaming live on CBS All Access. Watch the episodes and Houseguests live on All Access with your Live Feeds. Get the Free Trial and bonus free month with promo code PLAY.

Complete List of Big Brother 22 Cast

Here is a complete list of Big Brother 22 houseguest for the 2020 reality show with their bio.

Bayleigh Dayton

BB 20 bayleigh dayton
  • Previous Season: BB20
  • Hometown: Kansas City, Mo.
  • Current City: Los Angeles, CA
  • Occupation: Model
  • Known for: Bayleigh had a “showmance” with fellow houseguest Swaggy C. They’re now married

Christmas Abbott

BB 20 christmas headshot
  • Previous Season: BB19
  • Hometown: Raleigh, NC
  • Current City: Raleigh, NC
  • Occupation: Fitness Entrepreneur
  • Known for: Christmas broke her foot during the first week in the house. She had surgery and remained in the game, ultimately placing third.

Cody Calafiore

BB 20 cody
  • Previous Season: BB16
  • Hometown: Hackensack, New Jersey
  • Current City: Howell, N.J.
  • Occupation: Soccer coach
  • Known for: Cody was the runner-up to Derrick in BB16.

Dani Briones (Daniele Donato)

BB 20 dani
  • Previous Seasons: BB8 and BB13
  • Hometown: Orange County, Calif.
  • Current City: Orange County, Calif.
  • Occupation: Stay-at-home mom
  • Known for: Dani was the runner-up in season 8, and married her fellow Houseguest from season 13, Dominic Briones.

David Alexander

BB 20 david
  • Previous Season: BB21
  • Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Current City: Los Angeles, CA
  • Occupation: Senior Sales Rep
  • Known for: David played a good social game during his short time on the show, but didn’t have the whole BB experience because his game was cut short, due to a surprise opening night twist.

Da’Vonne Rogers

BB 20 davonne
  • Previous Seasons: BB17 and BB18
  • Hometown: Inglewood, CA
  • Current City: Inglewood, CA
  • Occupation: Acting Coach
  • Known For: Da’Vonne was the first houseguest to figure out the twin twist in season 17.

Enzo Palumbo

BB 20 enzo
  • Previous Season: BB12
  • Hometown: Bayonne, NJ
  • Current City: Bayonne, NJ
  • Occupation: Insurance Adjuster
  • Known for: Enzo was the founding member of “The Brigade,” one of the most famous and successful alliances in BB history that helped him get to the final 3.
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Ian Terry

BB 20 ian
  • Previous Season: BB14
  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Current City: Houston, TX
  • Occupation: Management Consultant
  • Known for: Winner of BB14 and member of the Quack Pack alliance. Also, *squeak squeak*.

Janelle Pierzina

BB 20 janelle
  • Previous Seasons: BB6, BB7, & BB14
  • Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
  • Current City: Grand Rapids, MN
  • Occupation: Real Estate Agent
  • Known for: Janelle finished third two seasons in a row and won the first America’s Favorite Houseguest in Season 6.

Kaysar Ridha

BB 20 kaysar
  • Previous Seasons: BB6 & BB7
  • Hometown: Irvine, CA
  • Current City: Irvine, CA
  • Occupation: Biotech Exec.
  • Known for: In season 6, Kaysar was the first houseguest voted back into the game by the viewers. He was also a member of the first All Star season of Big Brother.

Keesha Smith

BB 20 keesha
  • Previous Season: BB10
  • Hometown: Sterling, Ohio
  • Current City: Los Angeles, CA
  • Occupation: Waitress
  • Known for: Keesha was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest for her season and ultimately placed fourth.

Kevin Campbell

BB 20 kevin
  • Previous Season: BB11
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Current City: San Diego, CA
  • Occupation: Ad Agency Exec
  • Known for: Kevin was the first houseguest to be evicted on finale night placing third.

Memphis Garrett

BB 20 memphis
  • Previous Season: BB10
  • Hometown: Collierville, Tenn.
  • Current City: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
  • Occupation: Restaurateur
  • Known for: Runner-up to BB legend, Dan Gheesling, and part of one of the most famous duos in Big Brother, “The Renegades.”

Nicole Anthony

BB 20 nicole anthony
  • Previous Season: BB21
  • Hometown: Long Island, New York
  • Current City: Long Island, New York
  • Occupation: Podcast Host
  • Known for: Nicole placed third and was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest for her season.

Nicole Franzel

BB 20 nicole
  • Previous Seasons: BB16 & BB18
  • Hometown: Ubly, Michigan
  • Current City: Ubly, Michigan
  • Occupation: Social Media Influencer
  • Known for: Nicole won season 18 and was the first female to beat a male in the final two.

Tyler Crispen

BB 20 tyler crispen
  • Previous Season: BB20
  • Hometown: Rossford, Ohio
  • Current City: Hilton Head, SC
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur / Social Media Influencer
  • Known for: Runner up and America’s Favorite Houseguest. Currently living with his girlfriend, Angela Rummans, who he met in the house.

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