Big Brother 22 (BB 22) House Review and Details

Big Brother 22 (BB 22) House Review and Details

Big Brother 22 (BB 22) House Review and Details.

Here we bring to you the complete house review of the BB 22 news season of the 2020 in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The show starts officially Wednesday 05 August, 2020 as all houseguest will be announced and welcome for a thrilling season of the reality TV show.

Welcome home, Houseguests for Big Brother 22! The new All-Stars 2 themed abode has arrived and will soon be our 24/7 focus for the next few months as the returning cast of Vets find a new look on a familiar place. Let’s check it out with a first look sneak peek.

Thanks to CBS Big Brother on social media (Twitter), Parade, and US Weekly we’ve got our first look at a very interesting design of the house and its interior in the new season of Big Brother 2020.

Lots of neon colors, bright lights, and many reminders of the past seasons’ big hitters in the BB house. So far we’ve just got the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms with lots more soon!

A view of some parts of the house.

BB 22 House 1 1
BB 22 House 2
BB 22 House 3

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