Jerry sends Apology Letter to Meriton after Eviction from Ultimate Love

Jerry sends Apology Letter to Meriton after Eviction from Ultimate Love.

Jerry sends Apology Letter to Meriton after Eviction from Ultimate Love.

The recently evicted Jerry from the ultimate love 2020, has sent an apology letter to his partner Meriton for not giving in much as to love her in the love pad during their stay in the ultimate love reality show.

Jerry took to his official Instagram page to write to Mercy (Meriton), seeking her forgiveness for his flatfooted return of love for the love guest in the show. Jerry ended Meriton mean a lot to him and he pray i get to show her how much going forward.

Jerry Wrote to Meriton:

Dear Mercy,

I was truly and genuinely happy when you walked into the Love pad, not just because I wanted a new partner, but also because your energy was inviting and so positive. You were a breath of fresh air. The conversations that led to us being paired up as a couple was great and I had hopes of us getting to know each other better, inside and outside the Love Pad. The energy from my side took a nosedive and I didn’t even notice how insensitive I was to you until you set up that dinner for us and we had a small talk.

That reminded me of what attracted me to you in the first week- your kind and genuine spirit. This is just an opportunity to apologize to you publicly, I wish I did things differently, but staying in the Love pads comes with a lot of pressure that I’m unable to explain and put into words. Sometimes, it takes others watching you to bring your flaws to your own attention. My stay in the house was quite short, but very controversial, based on my relationship with my partners.

Meriton, I’m sorry once again for how everything played out and for my shortcomings in the house. It wasn’t my intention to be unkind and selfish to you. I also appreciate how you’ve been honest with me from day 1 till date, I appreciate all the effort you put into making things work back in the Love pad.

You took all my bullsh*t even though you didn’t have to, staying true to yourself and not treating me how I treated you.

You mean a lot to me and i pray i get to show you how much going forward.



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