How to Watch Come Play Naija on DStv

How to Watch Come Play Naija on DStv

How to Watch Come Play Naija on DStv.

DStv has the most viewed entertainment, movies, and series showing platform in Africa, and searches for the Channel to watch Come Play Naija on DStv are on the rise from lovers of the reality TV show.

The Come Play Naija reality TV show, is airing on the DStv channel for the subscribers of the Multi-Choice TV platforms in Nigeria and other Africa countries.

With the new “Come Play Naija” TV show, which promises to be entertaining, viewers of the show have been on a search on how to watch CPN on DStv, also watching online with the use of a phone or Laptop is possible for users who which to watch from their workspace.

What Channel is Come Play Naija on DStv for Subscribers?

Channel 151, 153, and 154 on GOtv shows the Come Play Naija challenge show for paid subscribers of the platform, and the show is available for DStv users.

How to Activate Come Play Naija Channel on DStv

If you are a user of DStv, the Channel to tune in to is Channel 151, 153, and 154 to watch Come Play Naija live reality TV show. If the Channel is not showing, you have to rescan to get the DStv Come Play Naija channel.

Make sure your DStv is activated, and you are subscribed to GOtv Max or GOtv Jolli to view the Come Play Naija show on GOtv channel 151, 153, and 154.

Time for the Come Play Naija Game on DStv

Thursday and Friday 9PM (WAT), while Saturday is 7PM (WAT)

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How to Watch Come Play Naija on the Phone

Alternatively, if you don’t have an active GOtv and DStv or have a problem with GOtv channel 2 not showing and DStv channel 151, 153, and 154 not showing, you can watch the Come Play Naija show from your mobile phone by downloading the DTSV Now App. It is available for Android and iOS stores.

Follow HERE to Download on Android or Download DSTV Now for iOS by following HERE.

You will have to create DStv Connect ID. You will need your smart card number to create the ID. Click on the DSTV Now Menu icon to reveal a list of TV channels available for streaming online.

Stay connected for more tips on Come Play Naija activation on the DStv platform.

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