How to Watch Big Brother Mzansi (BBMzansi) 2024 in Ghana

How to Watch Big Brother Mzansi (BBMzansi) 2024 in Ghana

How to Watch Big Brother Mzansi (BBMzansi) 2024 in Ghana | How to Watch Big Brother South Africa in Ghana.

Here is a quick read on how to watch Big Brother Mzansi in Ghana for lovers of the reality TV show as season 4 of the Mzansi show is currently live with amazing entertainment.

Currently, channel 189 is not showing in Ghana and lots of fans of the reality TV show wants to follow up with the show for season 4.

The Big Brother Mzansi (BBMzansi) or Big Brother South Africa is not showing on DStv or GOtv for Ghanan users to view. But we will help you on how you can watch the BBM show online and stay updated with the latest gist, head of house games, dairy sessions, nomination, and eviction of housemates from the reality TV show.

Why is Big Brother Mzansi not showing on DStv in Ghana?

Big Brother Mzansi is not showing on DStv the problem is with the different laws in both countries, Naija prohibits homosexuality which is embraced in South Africa (SA) and there are possibilities of having homos#xual housemates, also there will be shower hour and BBMzansi shower hour is not censored.

Ghana does allow s#xual contents like the Big Brother South Africa does in her shows and the ban on same s#x relationship is very much valid in Ghana.

So, Ghanians who are willing to watch Brother Mzansi 2024 can use online platforms, streams, and YouTube to watch the city TV show.

How to Watch Big Brother Mzansi 2024 on Showmax in Ghana

Showmax is a streaming platform for BBMzansi 2024 and a video-on-demand service that gives subscribers unlimited access to the best local and international series episodes, movies, documentaries, kids’ shows and reality shows (Big Brother South Africa).

On Showmax, you’ll find series that are not available anywhere else in Africa, such as HBO’s Succession, Magicians S4, MMA drama Kingdom, s#xy rom-com Younger, Tom Hardy’s Taboo and both seasons of racy British period drama Harlots. New shows and movies are added every single week.

And the best thing about all of the amazing content on Showmax is that you can watch it all whenever and wherever you like, on pretty much any device that’s connected to the internet, with no ads and no interruptions.

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How to Register on Showmax to Watch BBMzansi 2024

  • Go to
  • Sign up to Showmax with your email address.
  • Create a password.
  • Enter your South African ID number.
  • Confirm your mobile phone number. A one-time pin (OTP) will be sent to this number to verify your account.
  • Enter the OTP and accept the T&Cs.
  • Choose “DStv add to account” as your payment method.
  • Start watching your favourite shows right now at, through your connected Explora or using the Showmax app on phones and tablets!

How to add Showmax to your DStv Premium account in Ghana

  • Go to or click on the “Get my unique code” button above.
  • Sign in to the Eazy platform.
  • Select my account.
  • Click on “Go to Showmax” and sign up for Showmax.
  • You will be automatically redirected to the voucher capture screen where the activation code is pre-populated, press submit.
  • Accept billing and click yes.
  • Your subscription is now successful, you can start watching Showmax.

Apart from Showmax, you can follow this page live updates and also stay subscribed on YouTube to watch the South Africa reality TV show.

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