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About Iyke and Theresa Ultimate Love Couple | Pictures | Video

Iykeresa Evicted From Ultimate Love 2020 in Final Week.

About Iyke and Theresa Ultimate Love Couple | Pictures | Video.

Iyke and Theresa ship started sailing after the first speed dating in the reality TV show. The duo seems to have found what they’ve been missing since in a relationship.

Though Iyke is younger by three years, Theresa is not bothered about that as age is just a number and nothing else.

The couple chose to be called IYKERESA after the matchup on Sunday by Aunty in the love pad during the live show.

Picture of Iyke and Theresa (IYKERESA)

About Iyke and Theresa Ultimate Love Couple | Pictures | Video
Iyke and Theresa Picture

More about Iyke and Theresa.

They might be one of the youngest in the Love Pad, but their connection is undeniable. It didn’t take much longer for them to find one another and they have been tied at the hip ever since.

Iyke and Theresa (Iykeresa) is a perfect combination of beauty and brains, and their relationship is beautiful to witness.

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