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When is BBNaija Nomination Day and Time | Time for BBNaija 2019 Nomination

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When is BBNaija Nomination Day and Time | Time for BBNaija 2019 Nomination.

As the big brother Nigeria season 4 show is on and lots of fans of the show are on the search for knowing the day of nomination for possible housemate’s eviction in the bbnaija show 2019.

We have been receiving series of question regarding the big brother naija 2019 nomination time and day in the big brother house of the Africa top reality TV show, which we have provided answers to for your delights.

The 2019 big brother naija will come to conclusion with a winner emerging from eviction of other housemates in the reality TV show.

Process for Big Brother Naija Nomination

The big brother naija nomination is always anchored by big brother (Biggie), by inviting housemates to make their nomination and confirm their choice of nomination for the second time. Biggie also tells housemates never to reveal their choice of nomination to fellow housemates while they are still in the big brother house.

After the nomination process, the housemates with the highest number of nominations gets to be put up for possible eviction and possibly leave the big brother house during the BBNaija live show every Sunday.

Time for Big Brother 2019 Nomination

For every Monday during the live bbnaija reality show, nomination starts 6pm till the last housemate makes his/her nomination.

Day for BBNaija Nomination of Housemates

The day for big brother naija nomination is every Monday of the week and big brother has to call housemate to nominate two fellow housemates they want for possible eviction from the big brother house.

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Stay updated for more news and latest gist from big brother naija 2019 reality show.

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