July 23, 2021

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Ultimate Love Week 4 Session with Aunty

Ultimate Love Couple in Love Pad 2020 | Ultimate Love Pairing

Ultimate Love Week 4 Session with Aunty.

The Love Couple went for their weekly sessions, and they had only good things to say about their relationships as they slowly move close to the end of the reality show.

The session with Aunty in week four of the reality show, saw couples go in with their partner with more discussion being intense about marriage and life as a couple.

Aunty’s Couple’s session was individually, and Couple centered as she tried to understand how well the relationships were going in the Love Pad. The Love Guests all showed contentment and being at ease with one another, throwing jokes and giggles here and there as the reminisced about specific conversations they’ve had.

However, what was clear was the fact that they’re talking about life outside of the Love Pad and how they’re dealing with the reality they’ll leave as different people. Jelo, Iykeresa, DoubleChris, Bolar, and Chvia were the Couples Aunty could see today, and they had a lot to share, from their plans to their encounters with other Love Guests in the Love Pad.

What they’re working on in the Love Pad

The Couple voiced out to Aunty that even though they’re happy with the partners they’ve chosen, they’re still working on a few loose ends to continue making the relationships work. Trust and communication are what all the Couples are talking about. Louis told Aunty that Jenny Koko like things are done her way, and he’d love for her to work on her anger issues as well.

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Bolar shared the same sentiments. ‘We’re working on ourselves. There’s less complaining now, but there are still communication issues, and we will listen to each other more.

It’s only been three weeks, and already the Couples are clear on their intentions about each other, Aunty heard. Chivia, Iykeresa, and DoubleChris sang nothing but praises for one another and assured Aunty that their relationships are so strong, storms can come. To validate the sturdiness of their relationships, babies and marriages have been a constant topic among the Couples, and God allows it will be sooner than later.

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