Picture of Angel BBN Housemate Season 6

Picture of Angel BBN Housemate Season 6

Picture of Angel BBN Housemate Season 6.

Full Name: Angel Agnes Smith

Writer and poet Angel likes writing, watching movies and most importantly, sleeping. She describes herself as a fun, easy, likeable person who enjoys storytelling. If she is not in the club dancing, you will find her on the beach writing poetry.

Angel is a proud feminist, and her friends describe her as a drama queen. This 21-year-old likes to meet new people and loves nothing more than to analyse them and believes being on Big Brother Naija will help her kick-start her journey in writing and cinematography.  She also believes she’s “beautiful and also funny, when I’m not under pressure”.

Pictures of Angel BBN

Here are pictures of Angel Big Brother Naija participants as lots of fans are curious to view the housemate’s photos.

Picture of Angel BBN Housemate Season 6
Picture of Angel BBN Housemate Season 6

We deemed it fit to bring you some pictures of Angel BBNaija 2021 housemate detailing everything about the housemate and what to expect from the participant in the 2021 reality TV show, as lots of Angel’s fans are not satisfied with Angel BBNaija Profile alone and always search for more from the web to have a clearer view of the BBNaija 2021 reality star.

Stay connected to the site for recent news about Angel the BBNaija 2021 contestant. Apart from the upload of Angel’s photo on the web, this webpage will be feeding you juicy news about Angel.


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