Names of Top 6 Contestants in Nigerian Idol Season 7

Names of Top 6 Contestants in Nigerian Idol Season 7

Names of Top 6 Contestants in Nigerian Idol Season 7.

We have the complete names of the contestants that made it to the top 6 in the Nigerian Idol 2022 music reality TV show.

After a thrilling theatre week, some of the contestants who were not good enough couldn’t make it to the live show to compete for the grand prize in the music reality TV show.

This is the final race to receive public votes from fans of the show, the contestant with the strongest fan base can win the show as the top 6 are deemed fit to be the next music Idol in Nigeria.

The voting process is easy on the website and contestants with the lowest votes will be evicted weekly from the singing competition.

Top 6 Contestants in Nigeria Idol Season 7

Below are the top 6 contestants in the Nigeria Idol 2022 season 7.

1. Progress

Progress Idol 8 1

2. Banty

Banty Idol 8 1

3. Jordan

Jordan Idol 8 1

4. Itohan

Itohan Idol 8 1

5. Faith

Faith Idol 8 1

6. Zadok

Zadok Idol 8 1

This means the stay of the aforementioned in the singing TV show will be decided by the fans based on weekly vote’s results for the contestants.

You can join the online poll to vote for your favourite Nigerian Idol 2022 contestant as they head to the final week for the winner to be announced.

We are bringing you all the updates and gist as it unfolds from Nigeria Idol season 7.

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