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How to Download Big Brother Naija Success Report of all Time Review by Plaqad

How to Download Big Brother Naija Success Report of all Time Review by Plaqad

How to Download Big Brother Naija Success Report of all Time Review by Plaqad.

A report has been released by Plaqad of BBNaija popularity and influences from housemates of the show, the economical importance of the show from the beginning till date and its viewership across the world.

Plaqad worked on this report for over two months. And I strongly suggest you download and study it if your work has anything to do with pop culture, influencer marketing, media, academia, or marketing.

Some Highlights from Plaqad Report.

Below are some of the highlights from the Big Brother Naija report as reviewed by Plaqad following a critical analysis from the previous show.

  • 90% of Respondents say #BBNaija has great economic value for Nigeria.
  • About 70% of BBNaija viewers are women
  • 84% say BBNaija provides real opportunities for young Nigerians to succeed
  • 7% of respondents vote Bisola as the most love BBNaija housemate ever.
  • 8% of people are of the opinion that BBNaija is a faster route to success than “Yahoo Yahoo” or a University degree
  • 61% of Nigerians will accept a free slot into the BBNaija house if offered
  • 75% of ex-housemates say that BBNaija has helped them achieve some of their life goals
  • 15% of respondents say BBNaija has a huge impact on youth culture in Nigeria
  • Ebuka, BBNaija 2006 contestant is the housemate with the highest social media followers with over 2.5 million fans on Instagram and Twitter
  • 1 % of BBNaija viewers say the show has helped improve Nigeria’s image on the international scene.

How to Download full Report of BBNaija Success Analysis

To download the full report from the plaqad, FOLLOW HERE to have a complete download of the Big Brother Nigeria repot.

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