How to Apply for Premier Hub Innovation 2019 | Premier Hub Innovation Center –

How to Apply for Premier Hub Innovation 2019 | Premier Hub Innovation Center –

How to Apply for Premier Hub Innovation 2019 | Premier Hub Innovation Center –

The premier hub innovation gives Nigerian youth chance for empowerment in I-Startup South West program and Capacity Building/Skill Acquisition. If you’re looking for a place to apply for the premier hub empowerment 2019, this is the right place to be.

Premier Hub Innovation Center is a South-West regional innovation center located in Ondo state, Nigeria. Premier Hub exists to fast track industrialization in Nigeria by creating an enabling environment and empowering youths who are leveraging technology to build ideas into sustainable solutions. do these through training, incubation and acceleration programs.

Premier hub aim is to impact the Nigerian Economy to become a knowledgeable driven/smart economy, capable of rapidly accelerating industrialization by training and serving talent acceleration points for young Nigerians in technology driven sectors of the economy, including Digital and innovative solutions, Professional services, Manufacturing and Agro-allied Technologies


I-startup Southwest is a Federal Government intervention of the National Social Investment Program (NSIP) under the office the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This program provides an opportunity for innovative and dedicated teams who have viable ideas and solutions in Manufacturing, ICT, Agriculture, Health and Governance to redefine their product/solution, achieve product-market fit, and acquire new customers (including corporates) and investment.

The Courses Include:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Manufacturing
  3. ICT
  4. Digital oil field

How to Apply for I-Startup Southwest Program

To apply for the I-startup southwest program 2019, Please FOLLOW HERE to register for the above skills


We have realized that there is a significant gap between Nigerians and job opportunities as well as businesses they can start. This gap is the lack of requisite skills without which it is extremely difficult to take advantage of the opportunities that abound.

Our trainings are designed to provide a platform to train and educate individuals on skills that can help create wealth, taking into cognizance the broad framework of the UNDP’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) – e.g. eradication of poverty.

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Participants will be trained to foster better-informed skill acquisition and produce more creative and well-thought-out services that result in better offerings to the consumer.

The Courses Include:

  1. Computer Graphics & Desktop Publishing
  2. E-commerce Development & Management
  3. 3D design & printing
  4. Website & Transactional Web Portal Design
  5. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  6. Mobile Application Design
  7. Digital Marketing

How to Register for Capacity Building/Skill Acquisition

To apply for the Capacity Building/Skill Acquisition program 2019, please FOLLOW HERE to register for the above skills

Premier Hub Mission for Empowerment in South West

  • To discover and establish successful entrepreneur
  • To accelerate innovative ideas
  • To discover challenges and solutions in our focus areas
  • Training and mentorship of youths
  • Partnering with parties who have similar goals

Requirements for Premier Hub Application

The requirement for the premier hub empowerments is as follows;

  1. Any individual or early stage startup who has an idea, solution or product in Agriculture, Manufacturing, ICT, Digital Oil field, Governance or Health.
  2. Business must be for profit
  3. Your state of residence or startup must be located in any of these states within the Southwest region: Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Osun, Lagos and Ekiti

Benefit for Applying for Premier Hub Innovation

  1. The Programme provides critical tools for entrepreneurial success, including:
  2. Training: weeks of intensive training on setting-up and managing businesses
  3. Mentorship and Advisory: Hands-on support: Business strategy, financial management, recruitment, product development (advisory)
  4. Free work space for team members, high speed internet & more.

At the end of the training, participants are assessed and certified.

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