Final Voting Result in Ultimate Love 2020 | Ultimate Love Final Result Percentage

Final Voting Result in Ultimate Love 2020 | Ultimate Love Final Result Percentage

Final Voting Result in Ultimate Love 2020 | Ultimate Love Final Result Percentage.

The Ultimate Love 2020 week 7 and final voting result and percentage of the housemates up for possible winner of the Naija love reality TV show 2020.

 All five finalist ultimate love couples were having a moment of rethink and quietness waiting for the announcement of the Ultimate Love 2020 winner by Dakore and her partner.

As the show becomes tougher with more strategies from love couples in the seventh week, some of the love guest who couldn’t pull votes from viewers and fans of the show were sent from the Ultimate Love pad before the announcement of the winner.

The show initially featured eleven (11) couples after Uche voluntary quit the reality show after failed pair with Chris. Six (6) couples have been evicted from the show and the remaining five (5) love couples will play for the grand prize.

Ultimate Love Final Week Voting Result

  1. Roksie
  2. Iykeresa
  3. Bolar
  4. Chivia
  5. Doublechris

Please Note: that the voting percentages from the entire season will only be released soon, after the winning couple has been announced.

All voting results have been audited and verified by Deloitte.

Names of Ultimate Love Couple for Final Day

The following are names of the ultimate love couples who has made it to the final day of the 2020 Naija love reality TV show.

Rosie and Kachi (ROKSIE) – FINALIST

They might have had a few glitches to the start of their relationship but Roksie looks solid and ready to sail through the waves of Love and hopefully emerge as the Ultimate Couple. As one of the first couples to become quite close, the rekindling of this romance should be something to behold.

Bolanle and Arnold (BOLAR) – FINALIST

One thing stands out in this Love Couple’s relationship and that’s their constant communication and openness. From the get-go, Bolanle confessed to be a craver of communication and that means Arnold is giving her exactly what she needs. A little secret that this Love Couple have gotten a grip of.

Sylvia and Chiddy Bankz (CHIVIA) – FINALIST

Here they are! Besides having a history outside the Love Pad, these two are more than answered prayers for each other. With Sylvia’s love language being quality attention and physical touch, it is no surprise seeing both of them steal hugs, smiles and have silly conversations with each other. Their instant commitment to staying true to their love journey is admirable.

Theresa and Iyke (IYKERESA) – FINALIST

They might be one of the youngest in the Love Pad, but their connection is undeniable. It didn’t take much long for them to find one another and they have been tied at the hip ever since. Iykeresa is a perfect combination of beauty and brains and their relationship is beautiful to witness.

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Chris and Chris Ville (DOUBLECHRIS) – FINALIST

These two seem like a perfect match and it’s just not having the same names. DoubleChris seems to have similar attributes too – calm, mature, smart and fun to chat with. Oh did we mention not so great dancers too? Apart from being referred to as a couple, they’ve both promised to remain team players in the Love Pad, which unmistakably is a guideline to a smooth relationship.

Names of Ultimate Love Evicted Couples

The following are the names of all evicted love guests from the ultimate love pad in the 2020 season 1 of the reality TV show.

Cherry and Michael (MICHERRY) – EVICTED

Micherry is one of the few couples in the Love Pad to establish that they have a connection and it came as no surprise when they paired up. This lovely Couple is proving to be relationship goals in the Love Pad and agree that they’re in it to emerge the best.

Meriton and Jerry (JERITON) – EVICTED

Without any doubt, this pair gave us the real definition of love at first sight with the manner they clicked on their first night. They kicked it off from their first meeting and without any raised eyebrows, Jerry and Meriton started their love journey into Ultimate Love. They are committed to finding forever as they work every day to understanding each other in every way.

Presh Talker and David Wilson (PRESHDAVID) – EVICTED

This extroverted Couple isn’t shy to voice out their feelings which makes them the perfect choice for each other.  The chemistry between them was instant and the background they both have in entertainment as MCs leaves us thrilled to see how they’ll bond over the weeks and bring their worlds together.

Ebiteinye and Obichukwu (Obiebi)- EVICTED

When you talk about a match made in heaven, Obiebi comes to mind. This Love Couple complements one another in more ways than one and what stands out is the smiles they bring to each other’s faces.

Nkechi and Jay (JAYKECH)- EVICTED

JayKech could’ve easily paired themselves up the very first day they met. For Nkechi, good looks is what attracts her to someone, and Jay effortlessly fits the profile. Apart from anything else, this Love Couple is calm and for both of them, Love is all about respect.

Jenny and Louis (JELO)- EVICTED

This Love Couple believes in Love at first sight. Could it be cupid that brought them together? Either way, Jelo is living in the moment, and the fact that sound lovely, singing gospel along (which they often do) makes their relationship even more beautiful to witness.

The Ultimate Love reality TV show 2020 come live with lots of expectations from fans and buildups among the ultimate love couples on the final day of the reality TV show.

The Sunday live show started 9th February and ending 29th March 2020, and the show will be aired on DStv  channel 198 and GOtv 29.

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