Dotun Nigerian Idol Biography, Photo of Dotun, Date of Birth, Age, Real Name, Occupation

Dotun Nigerian Idol Biography, Photo of Dotun, Date of Birth, Age, Real Name, Occupation

Dotun Nigerian Idol Biography, Photo of Dotun, Date of Birth, Age, Real Name, Occupation.

In this post, you will get to learn about Dotun of Nigerian Idol 2021 Show which include his Age, State of Origin, Occupation, Relationship Status, Previous Girlfriend, Contacts, Mother, Father, Siblings, Dotun Instagram Page, Facebook, Twitter account, and LinkedIn.

Complete Bio of Dotun Nigerian Idol 2021 Contestant, we take a view of the Biography of the Nigerian Idol Contestants based on popular searches from our esteemed readers and lovers of the reality TV show.

Dotun Nigerian Idol 2021 Biography

Actor and entrepreneur Dotun is a jack of many trades, but his heart will always want what it wants- music! His passion for expressing himself through song has him singing at events, karaoke bars, studios and in church.

Dotun comes from a large family and holds the “coveted” position of being the black sheep of the family. He says he entered Nigerian Idol in the hopes that the experience will propel his music career and his other entertainment pursuits to the next level.

Questions Answered by Dotun before the Show

Best Songs on Your Playlist? Have You Ever by Brandy, Halo by Beyonce, and I Believe I can Fly R.Kelly

Song that Motivated your Childhood? Come a Little Bit Closer by Brandy

Songs that Defines Your Mood? Am Here by Beyonce

Musical Inspiration? Brandy, Smoke Norful, and Charles Wilson

What is your Intention for Nigerian Idol? Is a good platform for me to push by showbiz career forward.

Bio-Data of Dotun Nigerian Idol Contestant

Dotun is one of the successful male Nigerian Idol 2021 Contestants who made it to the house in the season 6 of the reality TV show holding in Lagos, Nigeria

Below is acomplete bio-data of Dotun Nigerian Idol, the male Nigerian Idol 2021 Contestant.

Real Age of Dotun

Dotun is 25 years old @2021 before making it to the reality music show in Nigeria

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Real Name of Dotun

The real name of Dotun is “Dotun Deloye”

Occupations of Dotun Nigerian Idol Contestant


State of Origin of Dotun

Dotun hails from – State, Nigeria

Dotun Hobbies:

Dotun loves Singing

Favourite Movies of Dotun


Dotun Girlfriend/Relationship


Nationality of Dotun

Dotun is a Nigerian

Marital Status of Dotun


Stage Name of Dotun


Gender of Dotun


Video of Dotun Nigerian Idol 2021 Contestant

Dotun Nigerian Idol Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

image 13

You can follow Dotun on Instagram and get all the latest updates as he moves on his daily celeb living.

Top Fact about Dotun Nigerian Idol Guest 2021

In this post, we have gathered top facts you need to know about Dotun of Nigerian Idol 2021, and you will find them interesting.

  • Dotun is 25-years-old
  • Entrepreneur
  • Dotun is from – State, Nigeria.

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