Chris Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Pictures, and Occupation

Chris Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Pictures, and Occupation.

Chris Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Pictures, and Occupation.

This publication is written about Chris ultimate love guess of the season 1 show in 2020.

Chris is one of the Ultimate love Guest who was later paired with Chris Ville to form DoubleChris as a couple in the ultimate love reality TV show. 

This bubbly, soon to be 36-year-old is a calm, collected and assertive brand architect from Abia State.

She doesn’t shy away from calling it how she sees it, so it’s little wonder that honesty and realness are things she privileges in a would-be spouse. Don’t let her boldness allow you to mistake her for a rulebreaker though.

She confesses that she’s fiercely traditional and conservative. As such, she embraces the African cultural norms of subservience and submission to one’s husband. In the same vein, brash gestures of love and public spectacle aren’t all that important to her.

She stresses that as long as she’s in love, she’s ready to say, “yes” to that life-long commitment.

Bio-Data of Chris Ultimate Love Guest 2020

This is a complete Bio-Date of Chris Ultimate Love Housemate, which contains her real name, age, state of origin and Occupation

Chris Real Name

“Chris” Adanna

Chris’s Age

Chris is 35 years old

State of Origin

 Abia State, Nigeria

Chris’s Occupation

Brand architect

Chris’s Gender



Love to write

Marital Status

In a relationship with Chris Ville

Question Frequently Asked About Chris

Who is Chris, Where is Chris from in Nigeria, Is Chris Married o Chris, Biography of Chris, Pictures of Chris, etc.

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