Cherry Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Pictures, and Occupation

Cherry Ultimate Love Biography & Profile | Age, Occupation and Pictures

Cherry Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Pictures, and Occupation.

This publication is written about Cherry ultimate love guess of the season 1 show in 2020.

Cherry is one of the Ultimate love Guest who was later paired with Michael to form Micherry as a couple in the ultimate love reality TV show.

It’s a perfect match for her career as a medical doctor too, in addition to the entrepreneurial skills in her arsenal.

Soft-spoken with kind eyes and a warm smile – this was the lasting first impression Cherry made on us as she took us through her profile journey.

The Imo State local is a hopeless romantic with a profound appreciation for grand gestures of affection, dancing and the delicious, traditional cuisine of her people.

That said, she doesn’t believe in surface-level connections as she used to when she was younger. She’s ultimately looking for a man who profoundly understands her and accepts her as she is – both the good and the bad.

Bio-Data of Cherry Ultimate Love Guest 2020

This is a complete Bio-Date of Cherry Ultimate Love Housemate, which contains her real name, age, state of origin and Occupation

Cherry Real Name

“Cherry” Osigwe

Cherry’s Age

Cherry is 30 years old

State of Origin

Imo State, Nigeria

Cherry’s Occupation

Medical doctor

Cherry’s Gender



Cherry loves to Read

Marital Status

In a relationship with Michael

Question Frequently Asked About Cherry

Who is Cherry, Where is Cherry from in Nigeria, Is Cherry Married, Biography of Cherry, Pictures of Cherry, etc.

The above and many other questions about Cherry have been answered in this article.

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