Bolar wins Monday Love Couples Puzzle Challenge Week 5

Bolar wins Monday Love Couples Puzzle Challenge Week 5.

Bolar wins Monday Love Couples Puzzle Challenge  Week 5.

Monday offers love couples the chance to smile once more as they all strike for the highly coveted Love Nest. While Sunday’s can prove to be an emotional roller-coaster for the Love Couples as they say goodbye to one of their own, a new down to ride on in couples love affair.

In week five, Aunty presented the Love Couples with a challenge only the ladies could take part in. The process involved them all racing to complete a 25 piece puzzle of their partner’s faces with no assistance from either their partners themselves or the other ladies. And so with the clock ticking, the ladies got down to business and wasted no time in trying to put together the labor of love as quickly as they could!

Bolar wins Monday Love Couples Puzzle Challenge  Week 5

Ultimately it was Bolanle, the female version of Bolar, who came out on top as she left everyone else in the dust to create the picture-perfect puzzle of her heartbeat, Arnold. For her efforts, the couple has secured themselves some alone time in the Love Next for the rest of the week!

This week’s win meant a lot for Bolanle and Arnold after the duo got six nominations from other love couples, putting them on the edge of checking out from the reality show.

Congratulations to Arnold and Bolanle (Bolar for the win)

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