Big Brother Titans Week 1 Arena Game Winner 2023 Season 1

Big Brother Titans Week 1 Arena Game Winner 2023 Season 1

Big Brother Titans Week 1 Arena Game Winner 2023 Season 1.

The popular question about “who won the BBTitans arena game in week 1” is right here and will be updated weekly.

Marvin won the Pocket arena game for Week 1 in the 2023 Big Brother Titans reality TV show, proudly sponsored by Bamboo, Lotto Star, and Flutterwave in season 1 tagged “Ziyakhala Wahala.”

It was a battle from all housemates in BBTitans week 1 Friday’s night Arena games. Marvin had the lowest time, becoming the winner of the Arena game in the Ziyakhala Wahala series reality TV show in SA.

Marvin had a fairytale run with their speed and determination to win in a finishing lowest time.

The game started after Biggie gave instructions on how to complete the arena game in week one of the show.

Participants in week 1 Friday Night Arena Game

  1. Ipeleng – 1:30sec
  2. Blaqboi – 1:30sec
  3. Yaya – 1:30sec
  4. Ebubu – 1:30sec
  5. Nelisa – 1:30sec
  6. Marvin – 1:16sec
  7. Yemi Cregx – 1:30sec
  8. Khosi – 1:30sec
  9. Kanaga Jnr – 1:24sec
  10. Tsatsii – 1:30sec
  11. Olivia – 1:30sec
  12. Justin – 1:30sec
  13. Jaypee – 1:30sec
  14. Thabang – 1:21sec
  15. Yvonne – 1:30sec
  16. Lukay – 1:30sec
  17. Nana – 1:30sec
  18. Juicy Jay – 1:30sec
  19. Jenni O – 1:30sec
  20. Mmeli – 1:30sec
  21. Blue Aiva – 1:30sec
  22. Sandra – 1:30sec
  23. Miracle OP – 1:30sec
  24. Theo Traw – 1:30sec

All housemates took turns in playing the week 1 arena game in the Big Brother Titans TV show.

Reward for performance, Marvin got $1,000 as the winner of the Friday Night Arena game.

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