Beyonce Nigerian Idol Biography, Photo of Beyonce, Date of Birth, Age, Real Name, Occupation

Beyonce Nigerian Idol Biography, Photo of Beyonce, Date of Birth, Age, Real Name, Occupation

Beyonce Nigerian Idol Biography, Photo of Beyonce, Date of Birth, Age, Real Name, Occupation.

In this post, you will get to learn about Beyonce of Nigerian Idol 2021 Show which include her Age, State of Origin, Occupation, Relationship Status, Previous Boyfriend, Contacts, Mother, Father, Siblings, Beyonce Instagram Page, Facebook, Twitter account, and LinkedIn.

Complete Bio of Beyonce Nigerian Idol 2021 housemate, we take a view of the Biography of the Nigerian Idol housemates based on popular searches from our esteemed readers and lovers of the reality TV show.

Beyonce Nigerian Idol 2021 Biography

Fresh from high school, Beyonce (16) resides in Port Harcourt and has her eyes set on a musical career. Having a dad who was a professional singer and producer made the decision to choose this career path a lot easier for Beyonce.

From posting videos of herself singing online, to hitting Ariana Grande notes in the shower, Beyonce is focused on becoming a singer to be reckoned with. With a name like hers, Beyonce knows she has big shoes to fill and believes she can be the next Nigerian Idol.

She hopes she can inspire the youth to chase their dreams, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Questions Answered by Beyonce before the Show

Best Songs on Your Playlist? The Night we met by Lord Huron, Fourth of July by Safjan Stevens, and Cherry Wine by Hozier

Song that Motivated your Childhood? Back for Good by Take That

Songs that Defines Your Mood? Capable God by Judikay

Musical Inspiration? Ariana Grande

What is your Intention for Nigerian Idol? I want to make a name for myself in the music industry and start my career at this young age

Bio-Data of Beyonce Nigerian Idol Housemate

Beyonce is one of the successful female Nigerian Idol 2021 housemates who made it to the house in the season 6 of the reality TV show holding in Lagos, Nigeria

Below is acomplete bio-data of Beyonce Nigerian Idol, the female Nigerian Idol 2021 housemate.

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Real Age of Beyonce

Beyonce is 16 years old @2021 before making it to the reality Music show in Nigeria

Real Name of Beyonce

The real name of Beyonce is “Beyonce Ajomiwe”

Occupations of Beyonce Nigerian Idol Housemate

 Beyonce was a Student before making it to the show

State of Origin of Beyonce

Beyonce hails from Cross River State, Nigeria

Beyonce Hobbies:

Beyonce loves Singing

Favourite Movies of Beyonce


Beyonce Boyfriend/Relationship


Nationality of Beyonce

Beyonce is a Nigerian

Marital Status of Beyonce


Stage Name of Beyonce


Gender of Beyonce


Video of Beyonce Nigerian Idol 2021 Housemate

Beyonce Nigerian Idol Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

image 8

You can follow Beyonce on Instagram and get all the latest updates as she moves on her daily celeb living.

Top Fact about Beyonce Nigerian Idol Cast 2021

In this post, we have gathered top facts you need to know about Beyonce of Nigerian Idol 2021, and you will find them interesting.

  • Beyonce is 16-years-old.
  • Student
  • Beyonce is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

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