About Yoli BBMzansi 2022 Housemates, Biography/Profile

About Yoli BBMzansi 2022 Housemates, Biography/Profile

About Yoli BBMzansi 2022 Housemates, Bio Profile, Pictures | Who is Yoli BBMzansi 2022 Housemates? | About BBMzansi Yoli Season 3 | Yoli Pictures.

Bio-Date of Yoli Big Brother Mzansi Housemate

Yoli is one of the Big Brother Mzansi 2022 season 3 reality TV show housemates, and below is a complete bio-data of the female BBMzansi season 3 housemate.

  • Nickname: Yoli
  • Family Name: Yolanda Glover
  • Age: 30
  • Hometown: Durban
  • Occupation: Performing arts teacher, psychology student

Also, apart from the complete bio of Yoli BBMzansi 2022 housemate, we have revealed how to vote for Yoli BBMzansi, also how to catch up with the daily highlights of the housemates based on popular searches from our esteemed readers and lovers of Yoli Big Brother 2022 housemate.

Who is Yoli BBMzansi Season 3 Housemate?

Yolanda is outgoing, fun and bubbly. She’s a bit of a socialite with an infectious energy, which makes her fun to be around.

The performing arts teacher and psychology student is no people-pleaser, however, choosing to always stick to her open book policy. She’s also a good judge of character, which makes her an interesting conversationalist.

Part of her mission is representing the big girl community. She’s a lover of the human psyche, and it explains why she’s into fun banter sprinkled with honesty.

She’s unpredictable, meaning viewers can expect the unexpected from her. Her strategy to win Big Brother Mzansi? To have no strategy at all.

Yoli BBMzansi Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

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About Yoli BBMzansi 2022 Housemates, Biography/Profile

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