About Tulz BBMzansi 2022 Housemates, Biography/Profile

About Tulz BBMzansi 2022 Housemates, Biography/Profile

About Tulz BBMzansi 2022 Housemates, Bio Profile, Pictures | Who is Tulz BBMzansi 2022 Housemates? | About BBMzansi Tulz Season 3 | Tulz Pictures.

Bio-Date of Tulz Big Brother Mzansi Housemate

Tulz is one of the Big Brother Mzansi 2022 season 3 reality TV show housemates, and below is a complete bio-data of the male BBMzansi season 3 housemate.

  • Nickname: Tulz
  • Family Name: Tulani Madala
  • Age: 28
  • Hometown: Johannesburg and East London
  • Occupation: Voiceover artist, actor, broadcaster

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Who is Tulz BBMzansi Season 3 Housemate?

A smooth-talking straight shooter, Tulani possesses the rare gift of being able to be bluntly honest in a mellow tone. Notwithstanding this tough display, the 28-year-old voice over artist, actor and broadcaster beams with compassion.

He has started a non-profit organisation for aspirant young artists in his hometown, East London. It’s a turnaround from his heyday radio days. His “bad behaviour” there has kept him single to this day.

Tulani loves partying it up, cooking and spending time with his family. Citing his humour as his best trait, he plans to remain calm and zen as a strategy to win Big Brother Mzansi.

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About Tulz BBMzansi 2022 Housemates, Biography/Profile

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