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Final Day (31st March, 2019)

11:00pm: The reunion show 2019 came to an end with Big Brother addressing the Ex-Housemates.

10:51pm – Cee-C was asked if she would want to start up with Tobi after the house, Cee-C said NO.

10:48pm – Nina was asked she she regrets ruining her relationship with Collins, Nina said NO.

10:45pm – Leo was asked if he got jealous over Alex with Tobi, Leo said NO.

10:40pm – Alex was asked if she got over Leo quickly because of her feelings for Tobi, she said NO.

10:37pm – Another Commercial Break

10:35pm – Bitto was asked if processed an imaginary friend, Bitto said YES.

10:33pm – Anto said it would still be Lolu.

10:30pm – Anto was asked if she would pick Tobi if given the chance, Anto said NO.

10:26pm – Another Commercial Break

10: 24pm – Teddy A said BamBam was not fake as said by most housemates, Teddy thinks BamBam was real.

10: 22pm – BamBam was asked if she showed her true character in the Big Brother house, and she said YES.

10: 18pm – Ahneeka was asked, if she thinks Big Brother was a waste of time, Ahneeka said NO.

10:14pm – Rico Swavey was next and he was asked if he gossip about BamBam to other housemate, Rico said YES.

10:11pm – Another Commercial Break

10:05pm – Vandora and BamBam felt Khloe was never close to Cee-C because of popularity.

10:03pm – Khloe was next and she was asked if she got close to Cee-C because she was popular, she she said NO.

10:01pm – Anto also said it under alcoholic influence and not because of her.

10:00pm – Khloe said K.Brule jumped because he drunk and not because of Anto kissing Lolu.

9:58pm – K.Brule was asked if he jumped because Lolu kissed Anto, K.Brule said NO.

9:55pm – Another Commercial Break

9:54pm – Leo think he was never weak in the game.

9:52pm – The housemates felt Leo was not weaker during the game.

9:50pm – Ifu Ennada was asked if she think she left the BBNaija house because Leo was weaker, Ifu Ennada said YES.

9:45pm – Nina felt Tobi was lying for saying he didn’t get close to Alex to spite Cee-C, that it was obvious that Tobi did.

9:43pm – Tobi was asked if got close to Alex to spite Cee-C, Tobi said NO.

9:40pm – Ahneeka said she feels like she’s was the weaker partner with Angel.

9:38pm – Angel was asked if he feels Ahneeka was a weak partner, Angel said NO.

9:35pm Another Commercial Break

9:30pm – BamBam felt Love when Teddy A gave a wonderful response to Ebuka that BamBam is the ONE

9:25pm – Teddy A was next and he was asked if Bam Bam is the One, and Teddy A said Yes.

9:22pm – Princess was asked, if she would’ve be a better partner with Teddy A, but princess said NO.

9:20pm – Dee-One was asked that the reason for leaving the game, He felt it was natural and that the people didn’t see the best in him initially.

9:15pm Quick Commercial Break

9:10pm – Alex said she doesn’t have comment to that, but feels she would’ve said yes, if asked about Vandora.

9:10pm – Vandora feels Alex is not worth calling a friend for stealing someones man.

9:07pm – Vandora was the next and she picked question three. Ebuka asked her if Alex is her Friend, but Vandora said NO.

9:07pm – Lolu said he liked Anto and Anto hold a place in his heart, but Love is a big word to use.

9:05pm – Anto said she wasn’t surprised to hear that from Lolu, but other housemates were surprised

9:03pm – Lolu was asked first to pick one question in three and he picked question two. Ebuka asked Lolu if he actually Loves Anto, but Lolu said NO, that he didn’t Love Anto.

9:00pm – Ebuka introduced all Nineteen Housemates and it was question time and Ebuka asked all housemates question.

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